Coventry Climax 2.5 FPF pieces. All pieces new. This complete engine from Croswaithe & Gardner.. ROCK SPRINGS, WY 82901 (307) 448-2122
Early GV 4.0 liter sports car engine, run primarily in HSR events. Maintained by Engine Developments. Freshly rebuilt in 2012 and stored since.. ROCK SPRINGS, WY 82901 (307) 448-2122
Speed way fuel injection Hillbourne suite BDA/G Cosworth Working perfectly. ROCK SPRINGS, WY 82901
Branw new engine only Dyno tested 303 HP, 260 nm torque, 2.0 liter, 8 injectors, guillotine intake, dry sump, never rebuit. ROCK SPRINGS, WY 82901
Buick V6 racing engine with fuel injection, dry sump pump, crank trigger ignition system complete except for clutch. Two engines available one completely fresh one good used. Originally built by Huffaker Engineering. Carillo rods, Buick performance aluminum heads,Weaver pumps, and motor plates.. ROCK SPRINGS, WY 82901
Wilson tunnelram with two Pro-systems 1150 carbs Very nice set up with regulator and fuel lines Has phenolic spacer, scoop-tray and scoop for dragster and also have a Teflon spacer for a door car application Set up to run Maximal 116 - tune-up is good Has cnc shear plates. rock springs, WY 82901 (307) 350-6625 (307) 362-5049